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"I do not understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us."
- Anne LaMott

The views expressed are those of the authors and should not replace medical advice by your qualified healthcare professional. Before starting any nutrition program, you should always consult your physician.

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Appreciating Hibernation and Dormancy
Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

feet-224680_1920Winter, with its general lack of adornment, can be hard to fully “embrace” at times. In this season, nature shows us her wisdom by discarding everything but the bare essentials. Nature’s process of hibernation and dormancy is astounding because although on the surface it seems that not much is changing, beneath it all the soil is becoming fertile and space is being created for something new.

Nature mirrors to us the opportunity to rest, nurture and rebuild our energy. Sleep is a precious commodity, an important ingredient for wellness and something we focus on when we are sick. That is when our body signals us to slow down and rest.

But rest and hibernation can also be about getting quiet. When we pause – whether it be with a breath, a seated meal or just doing one thing at a time – we give ourselves space to listen and notice the subtle things we are feeling. By embracing “stopping” we see opportunities we would otherwise miss in our rushed daily lives. (more…)

Anu Kaur, MS, RD, RYT
Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian & Yoga Teacher

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Yoga is Meditation
Sunday, September 13th, 2015


In recent years, there has been a significant paradigm shift with more people than ever doing yoga and meditation. Naturally, most people start with the physical part of yoga, but yoga is far more than just a physical workout. If we look at the health literature, meditation—a focus of attention that is intention—is actually considered a form of yoga, as it shares many of the same components:

  • Postures (asanas)
  • Hand gestures (mudras)
  • Sound (mantras) – basic vibratory sound
  • Breathing (pranayama) – passive or active
  • Focus (drishti) – position/focus of eyes

Why do meditation?

To understand the clues our bodies give us we first have to learn to listen to our bodies, including our thoughts. Meditation can be a powerful technique in becoming aware of your own self-talk. When we meditate we don’t stop our thinking, nor do our thoughts disappear. Instead, we simply observe them and do not dwell upon them. Meditation is about redirecting our attention to our breath, a visual point and/or a sound once we become aware of our thoughts. As author Sara Avant Stover shares, “meditation teaches us that we are not our thoughts, they are just one dimension of each of us [and] help us to better acquaint each of us with our inner dialogue.” (more…)

Anu Kaur, MS, RD, RYT
Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian & Yoga Teacher

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Meditate Your Way To Nourishment
Friday, July 15th, 2011

Join me for Yoga, Tea & Mindful Meditation on Sunday July 24th in Virginia

    NEW LOCATION: Beloved Yoga’s Reston Studio

  • Experience and discuss ways to infuse mindfulness into your daily life towards nourishing your mind (food), body (yoga) and spirit (meditation).
  • Gain an overview of one of the most popular evidence-based complementary modalities, yoga, that takes the whole person into consideration to manage stress.
  • Have an experience of coordinating your breath and movement in a Kundalini Kriya (set of yoga exercises) designed to heal and restore the parasympathetic nervous system.

I will be leading students in a class that allows you to experience your breath consciously and use yoga, mantra, relaxation and meditation to help you cultivate mindfulness in all you do.

Plus, we will be serving my Signature Ginger Chai Tea

Take a Sunday afternoon for your own self-care and nourishment!

* stimulate   *   strengthen   *   synchronize

Date: Sunday July 24th, 2011
TIME: 2:00 pm to 4 pm
Registration: $25.00 pre-registration and $35 at the door
Location: Reston Studio
To Register: Call 703-860-Yoga (9642) or RSVP to:  belovedyoga@yahoo.com

Anu Kaur, MS, RD, RYT
Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian & Yoga Teacher

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Paying Homage to the Cooking Giants of Our Lives
Thursday, May 26th, 2011

After a very long time, I drove four miles to my parents’ house to have a home-cooked meal. Their home cooked meal. It immediately evoked what I already knew: food is not just about flavor but also about nourishment of the body and soul. In my family, meals were about the mothers’ and grandmothers’ love.

My grandmother was one of the first working moms in my family living in India. She was a principal of a school and got married late in life, 19-years-old was pretty late back then — because her father valued education. Although she was a professional, she still had her household duties. I remember when I was 4-years-old I asked her to repeat a story about how she would cook for the family when she got back home from school. She would come home and quickly throw off her sari to change into her daily salwar kameez and make fresh chappatis for all of her 7 children. The children would sit Indian-style, lined up on the kitchen floor as she served fresh chappatis to each of them. She would quickly spoon out portions of a fresh vegetable sabzi that was half-cooked to each child’s steel plate. To this day, my mom prefers her vegetables under-cooked because of her how her mother made vegetables.

I too love the smell of garlic and ginger sizzling on the stovetops and eating chappatis just as they are made. It reminds me of my childhood and my mom’s lamb curry and chickpeas. My mom made chappatis while we set the table and then sat with us while we said our daily prayer. More likely than not, she went back into the kitchen to finish making the chappatis as we started eating. At some point, I began to feel that a woman always keeping her eyes on the kitchen was anti-feminist. Fresh chappatis, that keep a woman apart from her family at dinner, just weren’t necessary. Though I stand on the shoulders of generations of women who brought food straight from the pan to the plate, I chose not to make fresh chappatis. (more…)

Anu Kaur, MS, RD, RYT
Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian & Yoga Teacher

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A Simple Salad for Spring
Friday, March 25th, 2011

Spring SaladIt’s spring and even as I delight in the pastel flowers and locally-grown fruits at the market, I am reminded of our family’s road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway in California. More than one of the friends whom we stopped to visit offered us fruit from their own trees. The direct warmth of the sun still clung to the skin of the plums and figs and oranges that I sank my teeth into. And to think, a minute ago they were still gently swaying on their own twigs. Now that’s as local as it gets. That is how life ought to be, so my friends in California tell me.

An old college friend of mine in the San Francisco Bay Area made us lunch at home. I went into the kitchen to help her cook and she assigned me the banal task of making a salad. I would have just as soon picked one up at Panera Bread and watched the kids slurp their Gogurt while we reminisced about our college days. After all, this particular friend had once burned a dish I asked her to warm-up for a party. So I was surprised when she looked over my shoulder to see how I was doing, and then doubly surprised when she said that I was “doing it all wrong.” (more…)

Anu Kaur, MS, RD, RYT
Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian & Yoga Teacher

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Discovery: A Yoga Conference Comes to You
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Two young girls meditating with hands joinedI drove through the beautiful back roads of Maryland and through the Poconos in Pennsylvania to the Himalayan Institute, a former monastery on 400 beautiful acres in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The sold-out International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) symposium was held over a weekend last fall in October 2010.

From the symposium I realized there is a sea of change occurring in our society as we take control of our health and stress management. The medical field is beginning to integrate the best healing practices from many cultures. As I indulged in all the yoga books I could afford and inhaled the smells of paper and binding I met yoga teachers and researchers from all walks of life.

The conference blended intellectual discovery with a daily yoga practice, while leaving ample time for reflection in solitude or quiet groups. I shared a dormitory with ten other women where we did not speak after 10 p.m. to honor silence in the monastery tradition. I discovered nuggets of truth from lectures and conversations over fragrant vegetarian communal meals and fresh chai. The IAYT conference showed me that yoga offers the possibility of transforming each one of us.

Dr. Sat Bir Khalsa a Yoga Researcher

Dr. Sat Bir Khalsa

The IAYT conference experience reflects the vision of Dr. Sat Bir Khalsa an international speaker, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Director of Research for the Kundalini Research Institute and Kripalu Center for Yoga. Join me for your own intellectual journey and experience of yoga on March 5, 2011 at The Science of Yoga seminar from 8 am to 12:30 pm in Arlington, Virginia as we welcome Dr. Khalsa to the Northern Virginia and Washington D,C, area.

Have your own yoga experience with the lovely Maryam in the morning and meet a yoga pioneer, Dr. Sat Bir Khalsa. Bring a friend, enjoy some tea and good food, do some yoga and learn how you can empower yourself. All levels welcome. Contact Anu to find out more information and register today.

Anu Kaur, MS, RD, RYT
Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian & Yoga Teacher

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A Heart Attack Changed My Life, Part 2: “Yoga & Integrative Medicine”
Thursday, January 28th, 2010

yoga matsDr. Dilip Sarkar suffered a heart attack on his 52nd birthday. He was a student of Western medicine, a vascular surgeon and, overall, very healthy. His heart attack forced him to re-evaluate. Eight years later, he practices yoga asana (postures), pranayam (breathing exercises), and teaches yoga therapy. In the first part of this series, he narrates his experience having a heart attack and making big changes in his life. Here, he answers questions about his new vocation and what he wants people to learn from his experience.

Anu Kaur: What is yoga therapy? And what type of yoga therapy do you teach?

Dilip Sarkar, MD: Yoga therapy is a state of empowering an individual toward wellness and health by the application of the philosophy and practice of yoga. The philosophy we teach is “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali” and the practice is “Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga.”

AK: As an advocate of yoga, how do feel yoga changes a person physically, mentally and spiritually?

DS: Yoga by definition is the union of the mind-body-spirit. It cures a disease and maintains health through self-realization. You look inside yourself, atman darshan (introspection), and observe what is bothering you and hurting you. Yoga tradition believes that, you are the cause and cure of your disease. By doing yoga, you achieve overall wellness and protect yourself against the progression of disease. (more…)

Anu Kaur, MS, RD, RYT
Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian & Yoga Teacher

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The Gift of Mindful Eating
Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Savor the Moment

Savor the Moment

Are you so busy that you multi-task in all areas of your life, including your eating habits? Functioning at maximum level, how many of us have eaten lunch in front of the computer or in the car, skipped a meal or inhaled something that our taste buds did not even catch? Is your schedule packed with meetings, chores, deadlines and social obligations? Have you ever found yourself in front of the candy dish at work without even remembering walking to it? Maybe you actually do sit down and have a meal, but you’re so preoccupied while eating that you still don’t taste the food.

If that is the case, mindfulness can be a wonderful tool to begin using in your life. Mindfulness is the opposite of being on autopilot. In today’s busy, information-loaded world, multi-tasking has become the accepted norm and eating is no exception. However, mindless and unaware eating can have an effect on us, both psychologically and physically—and eventually takes a toll on our body and overall quality of life.

More and more research is showing that mindfulness can play a role in managing stress, depression, anxiety and medical conditions such as heart disease, obesity and disordered eating. The beauty of mindfulness is that it is simple and available to you at all times. (more…)

Anu Kaur, MS, RD, RYT
Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian & Yoga Teacher

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A Heart Attack Changed My Life, Part 1: “You must be overworked.”
Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Dr. Dilip Sarkar

Dilip Sarkar, MD

Dr. Dilip Sarkar is one of the healthiest vascular surgeons in Portsmouth, Virginia. He exercises, eats right and gets regular check-ups. He doesn’t smoke, have no traditional risk factors and doesn’t have a family history of heart disease.

While no one expects to have a heart attack, Sarkar was completely unprepared for the heart attack he suffered on his 52nd birthday. He narrates his experience and begins the story of how he transformed his life.

Dilip Sarkar: It was my operating day. I still remember it was a Wednesday. I had just completed 7 or 8 surgeries and had come home. I was not feeling well (unexplained fatigue) but I did not have any classic symptoms of a heart attack, such as chest pain or shortness of breath. When I shared my discomfort with my wife she said that I looked tired and that I “must be over worked.” A family friend came for my birthday dinner that evening and I could not eat properly during the meal. My friend also said, “You must be overworked.”

After my friend left, I checked my pulse and it was high. As a physician, I knew it was a cardiovascular issue. My wife told me to call a physician, which I did. My cardiologist friend was waiting for me at the hospital when I got there. He took my EKG and told me I was having a heart attack. He took me right in for a coronary angiogram, which showed triple vessel disease. The doctor recommended coronary artery bypass surgery, which was performed two days later.

From that moment, something changed inside me. I have always been a spiritual person. But at that moment after surgery I said to God, “Have it as you will.” I had to surrender to him. I had been one of the busiest surgeons in town, yet when I came back home after my operation I decided I was not going to go back to work part time, as suggested by my cardiologist.

This experience had me questioning, “Why me? What is next in my life?” My cardiologist had told me after the surgery that I did not possess any risk factors for a future heart attack, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. Therefore, the remedy was not in medication (to control the risk factors), but rather in learning to control the mind and the stress of daily life. I wondered what else should I do since all of my life I had studied science and medicine. (more…)

Anu Kaur, MS, RD, RYT
Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian & Yoga Teacher

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How to Eat for a Healthier Heart
Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Indian FoodYou know what I love about South Asian Indian food? It is good for your body. Turmeric, dals (lentils), sabzis (vegetables) and yogurt are all foods that are healthy. The classic thaali (a South Asian meal offering a selection of small dishes, usually in a round steel tray), typically consists, of two rotis, ½ cup of dal, 1 cup of non-starchy vegetables, ½ cup of yogurt and ½ to 1 cup of salad is the perfect example of a well-balanced meal. But then why do so many of us who like Indian food have high cholesterol or have a family history of heart disease?

It could have something to do with the how snug your jeans feel around your tummy. Or, it could be the fact that you are too tired to exercise after work, taking care of the kids, or any of the things for which you are now responsible as an adult. It could be your blood pressure rising as you get stressed out about the traffic, work deadlines or the many small annoyances that trigger stress. Perhaps it could be abnormal cholesterol levels of which you are unaware because you haven’t gone for your physical in a while. It could even be a family history of diabetes and your current lifestyle that makes you a bit more prone to heart disease.

All or any one of these risk factors are little red flags to remind us to check that our daily habits align with our desire to be healthy. (more…)

Anu Kaur, MS, RD, RYT
Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian & Yoga Teacher

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