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Cooking Indian Food to Rejuvenate
Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Cooking Indian FoodIt was a simple event consisting of friends and their little ones for dinner.  Our friends had requested authentic Indian food.  Both my husband and I thought:  Ummm… great Indian food and we know of a wonderful Indian restaurant.   Let’s order out, serve it in our own dishes and conveniently not mention it wasn’t home-made.  Love it!  We invited our friends for dinner and emphatically stated that we will most definitely be having authentic Indian food.

After a few days, a fleeting thought began to materialize as I pondered if there was a “wow” dish in my cooking repertoire, something I made consistently that I knew could be a star.

Ahh, how did I forget about  familiar and satiating chicken curry.  So with a little menu planning ingenuity to keep it simple and basic no-stress entertaining rules we cooked a home-made Indian meal for our friends.

Outcome:  We had a blast in cooking our main menu items from scratch and had a rejuvenating time with our friends while listening to good music.

De-Stress as You Entertain:

1.  My Favorite – Play Good Music to Match the Cuisine.  We had Bhangra music to get started as we did the hard work of peeling and dicing onions, garlic & ginger.  We listened to Ravi Shankar as the food simmered to give it that flavorful secret ingredient – “time.”

2.  Break from Tradition – pick dishes that don’t take all day

3.  Pace Yourself – make what you can in advance

4.  Focus on Your “Wow” Factor – put your energy towards one good dish

5.  Clean as You Cook – seriously helps in decreasing the stress later

6.  Day of the Event – keep it simple and plan to do the final touches to dishes

Interested in Trying to Cook Indian Food?

Check out these recipe resources:

1.  Climbing the Mango Tree – A memoir by internationally known actress and cookbook writer Madhur Jaffrey.  A great read and bonus family recipes at the end of the book.

2. India’s Celebrity Chef –  Sanjeev Kapoor’s website for Indian Recipes (India’s Rachel Ray)

3.  Everything Indian Cookbook – Washington DC’s own Monica Bhide Cookbook Author – great for the novice

What’s your “WOW” dish?

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One Comment on “Cooking Indian Food to Rejuvenate”

Amena says:
February 27th, 2009 at 6:13 pm

Anu – I find that freezing ginger and garlic once you have diced it up will save time the next time you need it! Great blog!!

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