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Three Ways to Enjoy Water
Friday, July 3rd, 2009

I was just reminiscing about being in Cancun, Mexico and enjoying an elegant brunch buffet where I eagerly forked a delicate sliver of a pale citrus fruit.  Its appearance was one of a sweet sub-tropical Mexican variety and its dainty succulent sections beckoned me.

How absolutely beautiful it looked on the small crystal platter next to the smoked salmon.  Enticed with its beauty and delicacy I put the entire wedge in one big swipe into my watering mouth.

My lips puckered and my tongue recoiled from the tartness that hit all four sides of my mouth as I devoured the Mexican staple!  I had been duped by the simple lime without its rind.

The green lime, precisely speaking, the Citrus aurantifolia, with its yellow undertones, is the pinnacle of loveliness when it ripens to its full green color.  Rolled with the palm of the hand, to let its juices willingly flow, it is an appreciated accent to entrees and beverages such as the likes of Ceviche and Cuban Mojitos.  As far as a straight shot goes – well I suppose that is a personal preference.

However, my favorite use of the lime is in water and and my Trader Joe’s non-alcoholic Mojito drink.  As someone who experiences headaches and fatigue on days when I drink too little water throughout the day I am always looking for ways to enjoy the most important unsung nutrient, WATER.

I believe that the majority of people would experience a significant boost in their energy if they drank water consistently every hour or at least every few hours.  The Nutrition Twins and other Registered Dietitians know that water is one sure fire way to improve your metabolism and lose weight.  The trick is to create a habit of drinking water in a way that appeals to your taste-buds.

Three Ways Water Can Taste Better

1.  Drink Water with Fruit– this can change the basic taste of water.  My favorite cafes will have orange slices added to the water which provides an aromatic and flavorful taste.

2.  Drink Water with VegetablesRed Door Spas give their guests water that has been imbued with cucumbers for an hour or so (and then removed).  Extremely refreshing.

3.  Take Water with Herbs – Try this Refreshing Mojito version below and enjoy the mint.

Anu’s Refreshing Mojito Drink (non-alcoholic)


1/2 cup Trader Joe’s Sparkling Mojito Drink (sweeten already)

1/2 cup Trader Joe’s Blu Italy Sparkling Mineral Water with Lime

3 quarters of fresh lime

1-2 sprig of mint



In your favorite tall glass combine the lime and mint.  Mash/muddle together with a wooden spoon.

Add the Sparkling TJ Mojito and TJ Sparkling Water.  Stir everything together.

(If you can’t find the TJ’s Sparkling Mojito you can make your own simple syrup and add 1 Tbsp to your Mojito.  Use 1 cup of sparkling water in that case).

Add ice, top with an extra sprig of mint and wedge of lime.

Sip tenderly and enjoy the fireworks.

Happy Fourth of July!

What’s Your Favorite Way to Enjoy Water?

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